The Bureau

The Bureau de l’Education Catholique is the executive office of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Port-Louis for its education services. The Bureau de l’Education Catholique is a main private partner of the Ministry of Education, Culture & Human Resources, catering for around 35,000 children and youth in the free education system.

Apart from two private paid primary schools run by the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary and one Diocesan private paid secondary school, there are 46 primary grant-aided RCA schools and 17 secondary grant-aided schools in Mauritius. Technical centres and Non-formal education centres, also called Development centres are mostly run by congregations and non-government organizations.

The Bureau de l’Education Catholique coordinates the administration of the primary RCA schools and the main policy directions of the catholic secondary schools with the collaboration of the other congregations such as the Loreto Institute and the Filles de Marie Congregation. For the last 160 years or so, these schools, open to ALL the children of the Republic of Mauritius, have offered and are still offering quality education to all its students. In its bid to alleviate poverty through education, the catholic education sector has, in its admission policy, put emphasis upon the preferential option for the poor.

The Bureau de l’Education Catholique incorporates the Roman Catholic Education Authority, the Roman Catholic Secondary Education Board and the Service Diocésain d’Education Technique.

Innovative activities of Bureau
de l’Education Catholique


The Bureau de l’Education Catholique has, in the past ten years, brought innovations in the education sector :

1.      Inclusive pedagogy in the primary schools

2.      Differentiated Teaching and Learning in secondary schools to cater for the mixed-ability groups- 2005

3.      Prevokbek programme for prevocational students with the use of Kreol Morisien as medium of instruction-2005

4.      Zippy’s Friends, an emotional health programme in primary schools for children aged 5-6 years old-2007

5.      Counselling Units in secondary schools with services available to pupils, staff and parents-2007

6.      The 1st Open Community School for Adults who wish to sit for their O and A levels-2010

7.      Ecological Literacy programme in secondary schools with the ecological footprint analysis done by students- 2011

8.      Going ‘Green’ with photovoltaic energy and eco-living – 2011




E-learning by Bureau de l’Education Catholique & Institut Cardinal Jean Margeot | This website and e-learning platform is the start of beginning of a pilot project to give the teacher-students a support platform for courses offered by the BEC and ICJM. This joint initiative have as main objective the supply of a communication tool which will help the tutors & mentors to provide student teachers with tools and resources to be used for the courses