Applied pedagogy | Mixed abilities

Mixed ability classes are a fact of not only language classes but of all courses. Since no two students can be the same in terms of language background, learning speed, learning ability and motivation, it is a utopian view to think that our classes could be homogeneous in terms of these aspects; no matter where we live in the world or at which school we teach. Therefore, the language teachers should be aware of the problems of mixed ability classes and their solutions to identify the source of troubles in their classes and to cure them.
Applied pedagogy
Mixed abilities
Introduction to mixed abilities
9 Aug 2011
The mixed ability concept is imprinted in the Catholic educational project. “A school for all, with special attention for those who are the weakest (economically, spiritually and academically”. (The Catholic school on the threshold of the third millennium, 1998). From January 2005 the Bureau de l’Education Catholique offers its 50% seats (- 750) in its Catholic schools, to any Mauritian child whose parents adhere to its educational project. A pupil is admitted on the following criteria in Form I: i) On a regional basis (Zone wise); ii) has obtained an aggregate in the range of aggregate 15 and above; iii) is a child of a member of staff of a Catholic school (RCA) or college; iv) on hardship basis.OBJECTIVEThe B.E.C. believes that every child has a right to quality education and must be helped to develop his/her full potential and talents, academically, physically, emotionally, artistically and spiritually.