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Ecological Footprint Workshop - 3rd Term

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“Systems Thinking for Ecological Literacy”

The training for ‘Systems Thinking for Ecological Literacy’ will take place over a period of five days and is taught through two modules:

  • Module 1: Focuses on learning about the key principles and concepts of Systems Thinking, and is facilitated over a period of three days; and
  • Module 2: Focuses on Schooling for Sustainability from a System’s Perspective, and is facilitated over a period of two days


Applied pedagogy
Mixed abilities
Introduction to mixed abilities
9 Aug 2011

The mixed ability concept is imprinted in the Catholic educational project. “A school for all, with special attention for those who are the weakest (economically, spiritually and academically”. (The Catholic school on the threshold of the third millennium, 1998). From January 2005 the Bureau de l’Education Catholique offers its 50% seats (- 750) in its Catholic schools, to any Mauritian child whose parents adhere to its educational project. A pupil is admitted on the following criteria in Form I: i) On a regional basis (Zone wise); ii) has obtained an aggregate in the range of aggregate 15 and above; iii) is a child of a member of staff of a Catholic school (RCA) or college; iv) on hardship basis.


The B.E.C. believes that every child has a right to quality education and must be helped to develop his/her full potential and talents, academically, physically, emotionally, artistically and spiritually.

Ecological Footprint WorkShop
Ecological Footprint Workshop - Second Term
15 Aug 2011

You will be the first cohort of secondary school teachers to interact on the digital platform and to share your experiences and good practices on the Project: “Developing Ecological Literacy Competencies in Secondary schools”.

The outcome or overarching goal of the Ecological Literacy Programme is to enhance the competencies of teachers and students of the secondary schools of the Catholic education sector in addressing sustainability issues through experiential learning - and broadening this learning and discovery process to other schools should they wish to do so.
The theme of the Pastoral Letter 2011 of Mgr Maurice E. Piat, Bishop of the Diocese of Port-Louis, is “ Développer un nouvel art de vivre écologique”. The ecological crisis of our modern world today is the result of a moral crisis, says Mgr. Piat. We no longer know how to live sustainably together on planet earth - to develop our individual potential (i.e. savoir être), and to learn how to live in a balanced way in society and within our natural environment (i.e. savoir vivre).
Education can play a transformative role in steering society towards sustainability by creating ecologically literate individuals. The Ecological Literacy Programme aims at creating awareness in our school communities, and by a rippling effect, in our homes, and in society at large. Our students will thus have the required knowledge to comprehend interrelatedness, understand how complex systems work, and an attitude of care or stewardship towards the natural world. As citizens of our global world, they will hopefully make a difference.
The content of all the training workshops for teachers will be posted on the e-learning platform. I hope you will all make good use of the information provided and wish you a most enriching ecological journey!